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October 31, 2019

EARLY ARTS Intervention

Your child’s right to slow down and play

Parents are under a great deal of pressure to give their children every opportunity for future success. No wonder parents are often overwhelmed by the responsibility to enrol in extra-curricular activities and tutoring to give their children an ‘academic head start’; not to mention trying to raise well adjusted, socially competent, well-nourished children! These opportunities can be fabulous, but what they can also mean for many children is a rushed childhood, where their right to learn through play and simply ‘be’ can be hijacked by adult agendas, competition and pressure to perform.

Dear Parents,

take a moment to breathe and ask yourself whether you are allowing your child time to be a child, to simply ‘be’, to develop at their own pace, to discover their own passions. The United Nations (UNCRC) remind us that children have the right to engage in age-appropriate, play-based cultural and arts experiences.

Think about making it your priority to play with your child, draw or paint together, read picture books, cook together, go for regular walks, play games and eat dinner together without media or devices nearby and also to allow your child time for free and unstructured play and leisure.

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