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Parents ARE a child’s first, MOST influential teacher and life-long advocate !!

As Parents we are our children’s most influential ‘’teachers’’ and life-long advocates.

Everything you and your child do together will teach important lessons that will help them grow and learn about their world.

We are committed to support parents in their role and treat families as partners in all aspects of the process.

Parenting programmes aim to enhance parents’ competence and confidence through equipping parents with skills and information to enable them to promote the psychosocial, cognitive, and physical development of their children. Programmes are designed for parents with children aged eight and under. To determine which workshop best meets your needs, please refer to the description of each programme.

• Hold educational events addressing parents, caregivers and children

Family Events

for parents with their children: aiming to strengthen parent-child bonds and engage families in their children’s learning.

Area of focus (1)

Parent Talks

with the goal to enhance existing parenting skills and knowledge and to address to each parent concerns and individual needs.
Children workshops

Children’s Workshops

for children aged eight and under, aiming to nurture their developmental growth with thoroughly researched and insightful activities that make learning fun and engaging.

2nd Family Festival

Upcoming programmes & events

Family Concert
#Family event

Family Concert

When: Abu Dhabi, November 18-21, 2019.
Who should attend: parents with their children aged 2-7 Years.
Presenter: Stuart Stotts, author, storyteller, educator and songwriter, Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

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Past events

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