15th month

Safety and Your Baby’s Clothes

Now that your baby has grown, the cute clothing choices have grown too!

We know those cute clothes can be hard to resist, but It is possible for items on your baby’s clothes to become choking hazards if they can come off and are swallowed.

It helps to be aware of what these items… are and routinely check clothing to see if they have become loose and are about to fall off. Here are some things to think about before dressing your baby:

  • Tiny buttons
  • Hooks
  • Snaps
  • Pom-poms
  • Bows
  • Sequins
  • Any additional decorative items that could come off, such as flowers or patches

What about fabric choices?

There are many choices when it comes to the fabric of your baby’s clothes. Here are a few key things to keep in mind:

  • The fabric should be lightweight and “breathable.” This allows for body moisture to evaporate, which is especially important in the summer months.
  • 100% cotton is a preferred choice. It helps keep your baby cool in hot weather and can help keep your baby warm in cold weather.
  • Cotton is also a good choice for babies because it can be washed again and again. Make it easy on yourself! Avoid clothing that is dry-cleaned only or must be washed by hand.


Check seams too! Unfinished or bulky seams can irritate your baby. Check to see that seams lie flat, including in socks and booties.


Your baby is growing so fast! It can be hard to keep up with their growth and keeping them in clothes that fit. To avoid frequent shopping trips and to save money, many people suggest buying clothes that kids can “grow into” or getting hand-me-downs from friends and family. Be careful about clothes that are too big, however, as these clothes can make it hard for your child to move. One size up is usually enough to allow room to grow, but not stop your child from moving around.

Q & A
Q: What about organic cotton? There are lots of tags out there advertising ‘green clothing.’

A: Organic cotton refers only to the way the cotton is grown, without chemicals, but not how the clothes were made. It is possible for a clothing item to have a “100% Organic” tag and still have been treated with a chemical after it was made.

Q: My best friend made a knitted headband for my daughter. That’s okay for her to wear, right?

A: It is great when friends and family make knitted items for your baby to wear, such as sweaters, booties, ponchos, and headbands. Just be aware of loosely knitted items, as babies can get their fingers tangled in the knitting.

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